Things We Will Never Do at Pillar

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

As a new news organization we have laid out what we intend to do as we grow. But here are a few things that we will never do. Because if we did, it would compromise our coverage and mission.

We will never run ads.

Ads create an incentive to pursue views rather good content. This leads to sensationalism and turns the reader into the product rather than the consumer. We are working for the readers.

We will never allow algorithmic selection of articles.

We love technology and will implement it to help make our work better. But allowing an algorithm to independently present content to humans has been proven to be dangerous. We are writers, editors, and researchers working for humans. We think it best if we allow humans to communicate with other humans.

We will never endorse a candidate.

Endorsement is over-simplified. And it decreases the credibility of a channel to take a side in such an issue. Do not misunderstand, we will present sides, and the earth is not flat. But an endorsement takes away any nuance in the conversation and is often based on a hope rather than a reality. We are here to present information, not make recommendations, we will leave that to the "real journals." (Looking at you Scientific American)

Dem's da rules.

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