The Rules At Pillar News (AKA Our Expectations of Ourselves to our Readers)

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

  • No referencing "Experts."

Information should never be hidden behind a blanket statement of "experts agree." We will tell and show you who "agrees" and why.

Lastly anyone with a bad boss knows that a person in a position of authority does not necessarily know more than you. There are idiot "Experts." Don't forget that flight was impossible until two amateurs decided the "experts" were wrong.

  • No referencing "Studies."

Again hearsay without substantiation. See "Experts." We will also link to the study and explain why it is relevant.

Studies are even more dangerous because they are able to lie with percentages without disclosing sample size or potential variables. If we reference a study it can't be an undergrad paper with 20 interviews of roommates to get the grade.

  • No Taking Sides unless we need to.

The earth is not flat but God is up for debate. Racism is bad but microagressions might be a stretch. We are supposed to be journalists. Critical thinkers. Democrat or republican makes no difference. Sometimes Unions will be more evil than corporations. But ultimately it is our job to just present information in a cogent format so the reader can make their own decision.

  • Give The Reader Outside Options

We must always link to articles from other news sources so you can get another side if you want. If we are doing a good job you will only need us. We are confident enough in our work to compete for your attention.

  • We will not do Breaking News.

We are trying to give you information, if it doesn't exist yet speculation is just dangerous. Breaking News is a construct of advertising-supported news where they have to attract eyeballs at every second. Even if you are just waiting for a podium to be occupied.

  • We will not inundate you.

There are only ever 1-2 major stories each week, if that. Why are there hundreds of news articles every week? We are only going to publish 5-50 articles per week. If a single person can't read all of our content for that week and be caught up in a couple of hours then we are overloading the average consumer of news.

  • We only give you information about the news.

We don't interpret is unless we make clear that it is an interpretation. Opinion is seperate from News.

  • No Entertainment gossip, sports, etc.

We cover only what you need to know to live your life and be an informed electorate. Technology, Business, and US news are the only items in American society that affect you. A robot taking your job. A Company moving a job. Or the government killing a job. The News is not to be treated like a reality show, so we won't place it next to those.

  • Make it Readable

The News is tedious. We will do our best to make it readable and not a robot spitting out info. At the very least we will write conversationally and occasionally throw in a joke as long as it does not distract, detract, or embellish the meaning of the story. (We are news, not Colbert)

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