"The American Century" by Henry Luce

"This nation conceived in adventure and dedicated to the progress of Man.."

Henry Luce Wrote this Essay in February 1941. The United States would enter World War II in December 1941.

Henry Luce was the founder of Time, Fortune and Life magazines. The first of these he started at age 26 in 1923. He was the son of Christian Missionaries.

It is amazing how topical the themes within the article are today. As we in the United States remember 9/11, end US presence in Afghanistan, and fight amongst each other about, well just about everything.

We highly encourage you take the 10-20 minutes to read this piece in its entirety. We think it might just help to settle the anxiety you might be feeling about what you believe the American situation is today.

The American Century by Henry Luce
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We intend to continue to collect and publish past articles from writers throughout history. After all you can't understand where you are unless you see where you came from.

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