Tesla Has Refreshed and Upgraded their Lineup

So, Tesla released earnings and a complete upgrade to their website and cars this week. Of the changes most of them are focused on the Model S.

Tesla missed on earnings, but it sees 50% average annual growth in vehicle deliveries, with 2021 expected to be faster than that pace. In 2020, deliveries grew 36% to 499,647.

The refreshed Model S displays the new Yoke steering wheel and the absence of command stalks. (which would normally be used to switch between Drive and Reverse as well as activate autopilot).

But most impressive are the new specs. The new Plaid version of the Model S will do 0-60 in 1.99s. And have a 390 mile range. It is will be the quickest production sedan ever created. But there is also the Plaid+. The Plaid+ has a 0-60 of less than 1.99 and a range of 520 miles. That is simply impressive, especially for those of us with gas guzzlers that are only able to make 300-400 miles.

We do want to point out the change in range between the Plaid and Plaid+. That significant of a difference, combined with the later release of the Plaid+ indicates that it will be made with a separate battery pack. Such performance would indicate that it is Tesla's new tabless batteries, which have a higher density and output. This is further justified by the fact that Tesla has been showcasing their internal battery production, which is still limited, justifying the use of the new batteries only in this single premium model. (the Plaid+ is not available in any other models.)

For a full overview of new features and discussion we will turn you over to someone who focuses on that. Enjoy

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