SpaceX Launches and Lands a Spaceship they Built in a Farm Field

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Since 2017 SpaceX has been publicly developing a large scale transport rocket, called Starship. Over the last year this rocket's development has been accelerating with two launches in just the last few months. While both of those launches were impressive in their own rights for such a new system, the third is a real milestone.

Starship After Landing

SpaceX was able to launch a 160 foot tall spaceship, take it to 10 kilometers, hover, and then return for a soft landing on near its launch pad. See for yourself.

The Starship is meant to be an orbital heavy launcher, and Mars transport. Elon Musk expect the first mars mission in 2024 with civilian moon Missions in 2023.

Already the Starship has gone from concept to creation faster than almost any other launch system. SpaceX is foregoing many traditional aerospace practices to make this possible. Most rockets are built in a clean room factory where every single part is kept immaculate. Starship is welded together in a hanger basically in the middle of a farm field.

Congratulations to the SpaceX team.

Learn more about the Starship History

Want to see what the Starship is pegged for on Earth.

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