Our Goal: Informed and Critical Voters

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

At Pillar we are working toward an informed electorate. We believe that the vast majority of people are trudging through a swamp of information and gossip trying to simply find truth. In order to help with that slog we wanted to lay out something we decided here at Pillar. We are only going to report on politics when needed.

Take for example the situation with Liz Cheney this week. While there have been thousands of articles written on it there is really nothing substantive in the situation. Most of the reporting is shear speculation and rumor.

We have not written an article on Ms. Cheney, nor do we intend to. It does not help anyone in a voting booth, outside of her district, and they will know better than us.

Reporting on the situation is the same as reporting on a Hollywood divorce. It stirs people up and sells ads, but ultimately it does not help the public at all.

We will report on politics only when something significant and concrete has happened that informs you about policy and action. Or when you are about to be asked to vote and need digestible information about what and whom you are voting for. Outside of that we are going to be quiet. And frankly, it looks like we will be talking about politics less than everyone else.

Plus, who wants to talk about it anyway. There is way cooler stuff happening. Did you see that Elon Musk blew up a test rocket this week trying to get to Mars?

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