A Note on the 2020 Presidential Election

Pillar News is getting started. But our team is not yet fully complete and rolling to provide pure news. But we have one other component in our mission. Don't ruin our readers life every day. So hopefully this quick editorial will lighten the stress about the coming election.

First of all, don't lose your mind on election night. Due to the pandemic many if not most votes will be submitted via mail, and it takes time to count those. The final count likely will not be available until days after November 3rd. It is not "the day of reckoning."

Second, America does not end or change because of the president. The office is a single component of a beautiful system of checks and balances that has worked quite well over the last 250 years. The President is not King. They are just a player on the field, and not necessarily the quarterback. So stay calm, don't tear down the system if your guys didn't win, life will go on, and it is possible to create a better country regardless of who sits in the oval office. Find the way you can make the world better and do that.

We live in a fantastic nation. A nation where people can protest injustice, lead a life they choose, and be some of the richest in the world economic population. None of that changes with the president.

Certainly we have our flaws and problems. But we also have solutions and a great foundation in the constitution. Stay hopeful in the fact that those issues can actually be addressed in this country, and addressed by a group or individual. Maybe not today, maybe not for the next 4 years, Maybe not for the next 50 years. But they can be changed, and the very foundations of our country make that possible. The journey is messy and mistakes might be made. But the United States has always moved forward and made itself better. Americans have always moved forward and made themselves better.

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